Calling a Towing Company: 3 Steps to Take

28 April 2017
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A vehicle is a complex machine, which means that there is a range of things which can potentially go wrong. Even if you take good care of your car, performing regular servicing and repairs, it may still break down when you are out on the road. If you suffer a breakdown, you may need to call out a tow truck rescue service. Below is a guide to the steps you should take to ensure that the rescue of your vehicle and its occupants is successful.

Explain the situation

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere can be very stressful. When you call the tow truck company, you may be tempted just to shout your location down the phone so they can come and rescue you. However, you should also try to remain calm so you can also give them some additional information. You should try to include the type of vehicle you are driving, the details of any obstructions which may restrict access to your vehicle, and any other vehicles that are involved, along with information about the general condition of the vehicle, such as damage or fuel and oil leaks. This information will allow the tow truck company to send out an appropriate truck with the right equipment on board.

Pass on information to the auto mechanic

In some cases, a tow truck company will tow your vehicle directly to an auto repair shop. If you break down in the middle of night, you may be forced to leave your vehicle at the auto repair shop so it can be repaired the next day, which means you may not be able to speak to the mechanic before work is carried out. You should ask the tow truck company to pass on details of the events leading up to the breakdown, such as strange sounds or smoke, as this could help the auto mechanic to diagnose the problem with your car.

Arrange for alternative transport

The majority of tow trucks can only carry a couple of additional passengers. If your car was carrying more than a couple of people, you need to arrange an alternative means of them getting to your destination. You should ask the tow truck company for the number of a local taxi company that will be able to drive out and pick up the passengers from your car.

If you would like to find out more about what to do when your car breaks down, you should contact a towing company today.