Box Trailer: How to Prepare Your Rig for Safe Towing

25 August 2020
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Box trailers are advantageous for both personal and commercial transportation. In general, these units are versatile in comparison to most alternative designs. Their boxed shape allows for convenient support of bulky and tall loads. Also, these trailers provide more security for loads, minimising the risk of losses. In addition, they are quite low maintenance. However, it is important to note that hauling a box trailer can be challenging if one is not experienced in towing. If this is the case for you, use the outlined tips to prepare for safer haulage of your box trailer.

Inspect the Trailer's Tyres

The condition of the trailer's tyres should be optimal before a trip. You should keep in mind that these components will be exposed to high stress once the cargo is loaded. Moreover, the conditions on the road can be hostile. Therefore, you must ensure that the tyres can withstand the trip without damage. It is important to check the pressure and ensure that it is at recommended levels. In addition, look out for tread wear, cracking and rot. If the tyres are significantly damaged, you might need to replace them before setting off.

Connect and Secure

The hitch is a critical component of a towing rig. This unit connects the box trailer to the towing vehicle. Therefore, if there are anomalies in the connection, the risk of an accident will be high. You can avoid problems by choosing the right hitching units. In simple terms, the coupler and the ball should be perfectly matched. You should also ensure that there are safety chains, and these should always be engaged. These will provide security in case an accident causes the hitch to disconnect. If you are uncertain about the correct approach for setting up the rig, you should consult a towing specialist for guidance.

Stabilise the Cargo

The placement of your loads on the box trailer can determine the stability and, subsequently, the safety of the rig. If your cargo is poorly placed, the trailer will be more prone to swaying while towing. Moreover, there will be higher risk of losing control of the vehicle. Therefore, you should ensure that your goods are always distributed properly. Typically, placing a little more weight towards the front of a box trailer is beneficial. It stabilises the hitch and minimises the risk of disconnection. Additionally, keep the weight on the sides as uniform as possible.

If you are not confident in handling your heavily loaded box trailer, consider choosing professional towing services for personal safety.