Yes, You Should Call a Tow Truck Rather Than Drive Your Car

3 May 2017
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It's obvious that you may need to call a tow truck when your car has literally broken down and it won't start, or has suddenly screeched to a halt for some reason. However, there are other times when you should have the car towed rather than driving the car or trying to fix sudden problems on your own. Note a few of those times here so you know you're always safe on the road and don't cause small mechanical issues with the car to get worse over time. Read More 

How to Prepare for a Long Distance Road Trip in a Rented Vehicle

2 May 2017
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If you are planning on taking a long distance trip on a rented vehicle, it is important to make sure that the car is in good condition before embarking on the journey.  Using a hired vehicle is different from traveling with yours as you may not be aware of the conditions that the car has been exposed to over the years. This leaves you at the risk of experiencing roadside emergencies and car breakdowns. Read More 

Calling a Towing Company: 3 Steps to Take

28 April 2017
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A vehicle is a complex machine, which means that there is a range of things which can potentially go wrong. Even if you take good care of your car, performing regular servicing and repairs, it may still break down when you are out on the road. If you suffer a breakdown, you may need to call out a tow truck rescue service. Below is a guide to the steps you should take to ensure that the rescue of your vehicle and its occupants is successful. Read More 

Car Maintenance to Do in the Spring

20 April 2017
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When the seasons change, it is typically a good time to do routine maintenance on your vehicle. This helps to avoid more serious problems with your vehicle, but can also give you the opportunity to look for problems that need to be addressed right now. Here are some car maintenance tasks to be sure you do in the spring. Check the Fluids and Change the Oil Fluids in your vehicle need to be checked every few months, so when the season changes, it is usually a good reminder to check them again. Read More 

You Need These Tips Anytime You Are Being Towed

17 April 2017
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It's not uncommon for your vehicle to break down unprecedentedly and leave you stuck in the middle of the road. Whether it is a busy highway at the centre of the city or an isolated road deep in the jungle, these mechanical problems can show up anywhere. It is thus important to have some contacts of a towing service provider to help you out in case of such an emergency. You can also sign up with a towing club for full time towing services. Read More