Some Guidelines to Follow when Towing an Abandoned Car

29 August 2022
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People leave vehicles on private property, public spaces and even on the side of the road for many reasons. If someone abandons their car on your property, it will interfere with property usage. It can be confusing to deal with the issue because a vehicle is a valuable asset, and you probably do not fully understand what steps you are allowed to take legally. Here is a guideline to help you get an abandoned car towed off your property. 

Determining the Car is Abandoned

The first step is to ensure someone has actually abandoned the vehicle. The authorities in every locality have a specific number of days they allow a car to remain on a property before terming it abandoned. Check how many days it takes before local law enforcement gives you a legal mandate to tow it. Additionally, all vehicles left on your property in a state of disrepair are also classified as abandoned. All cars that don't have proper registration fall under this category. 

Getting Legal Permission to Tow

You should avoid towing an abandoned vehicle without consulting relevant authorities. You can start by asking around to see whether anyone in the neighbourhood knows the owner. You can report the details to the local police. Reporting protects you from theft accusations if the owner returns after you have towed the vehicle. Your state and locality will have specific procedures to follow when disposing of the cars. By consulting the proper authorities, you minimize your liabilities.

Hiring a Competent Towing Service

The most important part of the removal process is hiring a competent towing service. Removing someone else's vehicle from your property is more delicate than removing yours. Never consider do-it-yourself towing. If you wreck a part of the vehicle in the process, the liability will be on you. Instead, look for a competent towing service close to you. The experts will have the right tools and equipment for the job. They also have experience in towing and are least likely to damage the car during the move. Most importantly, they have insurance to protect themselves from the liabilities that might come up during the towing process.

These are simple guidelines when dealing with an abandoned car obstructing your property. Speak to a local towing service to get help removing these types of cars from your property. They also help with roadside emergencies, accidents, breakdown situations and roadside assistance.