4 Services Your Tow Truck Driver May Provide

24 July 2023
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Many tow services provide more than just simple towing. From specialised vehicle hauling to roadside help, here are a few tow services that can benefit the average driver.

1. Towing Options

Versatility in towing options means it's possible to tow nearly any vehicle. Many tow services now use tilt trucks or lift trucks, which are able to tow your vehicles without dragging the rear tyres on the road. For breakdowns and damaged vehicles, this method allows for an easy tow with little additional wear and tear. Some services also provide speciality towing, such as hauling motorcycles, motorhomes or caravans, or recreational vehicles such as boats. Always check with the tow service to make sure they are equipped for your vehicle before scheduling.

2. Fuel Recovery

Running out of fuel while on the road is always stressful, and it's even more so if you are nowhere near a petrol station. Many towing services also provide roadside assistance, which means they will send out a driver with fuel if you make the phone call. You don't even need to provide your own petrol container, as the service tech will bring their own. Furthermore, if the issue with your car is more than just low fuel, you will then have a tow driver available to bring your vehicle to the nearest mechanic. 

3. Tyre Repairs

Changing a flat tyre on the side of a busy road is difficult and dangerous work. It can be more frustrating if your spare isn't properly aired up or if you are missing something vital, like a working jack or even the spare tyre itself. Towing companies can send a technician to your location that has the tools and expertise to change a tyre quickly and safely. They can also air up flat spares or even provide a new spare, at a cost of course, in the event yours isn't up to the job. There is also the option of having your car towed to a nearby tyre shop.

4. Jump Starts

Dead batteries tend to leave you either stranded in a car park far from home or unable to get your car out of your own driveway to make an important appointment. A simple jump start can give your battery the recharge it needs so you can start the car and make it to your destination. If the cause was simply a drained battery due to leaving the lights on overnight or similar, the jump start from your tow driver is all you need. In the event of a completely dead battery, your tow service can bring a new one.

Contact a tow service for more information about towing services or if you need a tow or roadside assistance.